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Residential – New construction, Additions, and Remodels :

Over the years we have had the privilege of working on a lot of residential projects.  We have three ways we can address your project based on your needs, making the process easy and affordable.

  • Basic – Minimal design needed.  Plans would include floor plans, electrical plans (power and lighting), exterior elevations, door and window schedules, and a few structural details.  This option gives the contractor room for interpretation when it comes to details of the design, resulting in a less accurate bid.  Fees are usually a fixed agreed price. Basic Sample
  • Mid – Primary design needed, but aesthetic details and finishes you can handle.  Plans would include a site plan, floor plans, electrical plans (power and lighting), exterior elevations, building sections, interior elevations, door and window schedules, structural details, general notations, and 3-D renderings of the exterior.  This option gives the contractor less room for interpretation because the drawings cover more design details resulting in a relatively accurate bid.  Fees are usually a fixed agreed price. Medium Samples
  • Custom – Full architectural services that include all 5 architectural phases.  Schematics, Design, Construction Documents, Bidding & negotiations with the contractor, and Overseeing construction.  This process will provide the fewest change orders and a very accurate bid.  Fees are based on a percentage of construction costs. Custom Sample

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Architectural services do not have to be expensive. In fact the first meeting to discuss your project will not cost you anything when we meet at our office to go over your wants and needs. As architects we will look at your project as a third party adviser, apart from the contractor or your personal experience. We can then recommend a direction for you to go, without bias or attempting to secure a future job. Our sales atmosphere and philosophy is pressure free. We are primarily interested in building a trustworthy relationship that will last for years to follow. We want you to have a great experience with Curtis Architecture regardless if we do a project together or not.