Esoteric Audiophile Reference-Quality Speakers

4 dedicated demonstration rooms are available for Private Auditions by personal appointment. Bring your spouse, your favorite CDs and your treasured Vinyl recordings, and experience music - as good as it gets !

Brand new to the 'Sweet Spot' is Randy Bankert's Sonist speakers. The Concerto2 bookshelf/monitor and the Concerto3 full range floorstander speaker. Sonist speakers are absolutely the very best value in build-quality and audiophile-grade performance available - anywhere on the planet ! The Concerto2 bookshelf/monitor is only $2495. for a pair and the Concerto3 floorstander is only $3495. for a pair in the standard finish. Please refer to the website at for pictures of the Sonist speakers and a comprehensive report on the creation and the engineering design of the Sonist speaker line.
We also feature the legendary Opera speakers from Italy, the transparent Audio Physic speakers from Germany, the incredible Reference3a speakers from Canada, Von Schweikert reference-grade audiophile speakers, the awesome Vienna Acoustics esoteric audiophile speakers, REL subwoofers from England, the incomparable RBH signature-series custom home theater and audiophile speakers, the recommended entry-level Pinnacle Black Diamond home theater and audiophile music speakers, the exceptional performance and sound quality of Atlantic Technology home theater speakers, the earth-shaking TruAudio TruCinema home theater and audiophile speakers, the wife approved ArtCoustic on-wall decora home theater and audiophile critical listening speakers, the superb Transcendence 3 audiophile speakers, the musical Soliloquy 5.3 floor model audiophile speakers and value leader DynaAudio floor model audiophile speakers.

Please call for a personal appointment to audition the finest brands of music and film speakers available, featuring a combination of WOW performance and exceptional value.

We are exclusive factory and manufacturer's authorized retail dealers for Cary Audio Design Classic-Series, Concept-Series and Cinema-Series vacuum tube & solid-state electronics, Keith Herron's vacuum tube & solid-state Audiophile Electronics, Dan Wright's ModWright Instruments vacuum tube Preamplifiers and Phono Preamps and Dan Wright's custom Modwright Modifications, Audio Space vacuum tube electronics, Triode vacuum tube electronics, Marantz Reference-Series Electronics, Richard Marsh Sound Design Electronics, Denon Home Theater/High End Audio Electronics, Yamaha Home Theater/High End Audio Electronics, Sumiko Pro-ject Audiophile Turntables, Thorens Turntables, Technics Turntables, Audio Technica Turntables, Cayin Vacuum Tube/Solid State Electronics, LSA Group audiophile hybrid integrated amplifiers and more selected brands of exceptional performance, build-quality and dollar value.

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